Ariana Norcia
Ariana Lara Norcia
T 06 386 445 31

Sensualiteit is de bron van waaruit we vitaal en krachtig in het leven staan.


Door middel van tantra, energiewerk en belichaming ondersteun ik jou om in contact te staan met lichaam, gevoel en plezier!


Bij mij kun je terecht voor:

  • ThetaHealing
  • Readings
  • Yoni Yoga / Pelvic Yoga
  • 1 op 1 transformatie trajecten
  • Schaduwwerk


“This was such a healing and empowering session. I really loved every moment and met some beautiful souls too. Ariana has such a soothing way about her. I felt zen just being in her presence and she really cultivates and maintains this vibe throughout the entire session”
“My first time going here and doing anything like this, but felt very comfortable and welcome during the session. I will definitely come back “